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Our Teen Jewelry catalog contains beautiful necklaces appropriate for dress up and casual wear. Included are angels, hearts, smiley faces, arrow heads, dolphins, superman charms with chains, crosses, USA flag jewelry and the must have Tiffany necklace and bracelet sets. We also feature Christian jewelry with our crosses.   Click this icon for  FAQ's and Customer Service.
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 TEEN BRACELETS -String, Glass Cuffs, Silk and Retro

                     FUN TEEN BRACELETS

 These fun teen bracelets include nature themes, beaded designs, yin yang, peace sign and other fun designs. The center stones that appear multicolor in the center are black. $5 each. Click the bracelet to Order.

Teen Best Friend New Generation Bracelets come in 12 styles and are adjustable - just pull the strings to make smaller or larger. The bracelets are all different and are washable. Get them wet and they will dry while you wear them. You are getting 3 bracelets in one and they will go with all your clothes for day or night. Order several for both wrists. These bracelets are great party favors.
Click on the bracelet NUMBER to order.   $4 each

Center bead is blackCenter bead has a rose on it.
JewelryVilla Teen Bracelets


Silk Wrapped bracelets or anklets are great fun and come in 6 styles.  The beautiful colors are creatively woven together to make these bracelets match what ever you are wearing. The lengths adjust from 6 to 9 inch. 
Click on the bracelet to order.  $2 each

Silk Wrapped bracelets#1# 2# 3# 4# 5
JewelryVilla Teen Bracelets

CHINESE COIN BRACELETS Chinese Feng Shui coin bracelets are a symbol of wealth as they represent abundance. The bracelet uses the multiple of 3 to attract money and Wind and Water forces bring you good chi. The coins on the bracelets are bamboo for strength, buddha for peace & wisdom, happiness coin for longevity & wealth, heart coin for double happiness of love & friendship, Love emblem coin for eternal friendship, Peacock coin for success and colorful romance and the Yin-yang coin for balance and harmony. Both sides of the coin have a symbol or Chinese writing. A bell scares away evil spirits. The bracelets adjust from 5 to 8.5 inch 
$5 each. Click the bracelet to Order.


Glass art bracelets are set on a stainless steel cuff that is hinged for ease of wear. The inner measurment on the bracelet is 7 1/2 inch. The glass is individually fired in the kiln so variations in color occur. These art glass bracelets look great with office, casual and beach wear. For added impact wear several at a time and mix with other bracelets. Stainless steel is care free, does not rust or tarnish.   Click on the bracelet to order.  $15 each Gift boxed

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Measurements are listed width x length. Measurements are taken at the widest and longest section of the jewelry. Measurement includes bale or bezel unless otherwise specified.

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