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These Wide Hemp Chokers sport three large beads in the center. They are all hand made and one size fits all. The lengths can be adjusted from about 15 to 20 inches. The average width is 7/8 inch wide. The wide choker looks great on both men and women. The wide hemp choker or hemp necklace are washable and can be worn in the shower and when swimming.
$12 each.  Click the necklace to order. Bead designs may vary.

Choker Overview
Hemp Bracelet Overview
Hemp Chokers Lge Beads
Wide Hemp Chokers
Hemp Wide w Beads
5 Wide Hemp Chokers
8 Wide Hemp Chokers
9 Wide Hemp Chokers
11 Wide Hemp Chokers
Narrow Hemp Chokers
10 Narrow Chokers
11 Narrow Hemp Chokers
13 Narrow Hemp Chokers
Hemp Chokers  w Beads
12 Beaded Hemp Chokers
Hemp Chokers w Fimo
Hemp Chokers Multi beads
Hemp Chokers w wood
Hemp Black  Brown Beads
Hemp Metal  Shells
Hemp Chokers w sm beads
Hemp Chokers plain
Hemp Chokers Assorted
Lamp Bead Hemp Chokers
Lamp Bead Hemp Chokers 2
Beaded + plain Bracelets
Hemp Bracelets Multicolor
Hemp Bracelets w Fimo
10 Hemp Bracelets
14 Hemp Anklets
Dancing Bears
Hemp Flowers
Hemp Simple shells  metal
13 Hemp Anklets assorted
21 hemp bracelets
JewelryVilla Hemp Jewelry, Hemp Necklaces, JewelryVilla.com11WC211WC411WC511WC611WC711WC911WC10

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JewelryVilla Hemp Jewelry, Hemp Necklaces, JewelryVilla.com11WC1111WC1311WC1411WC1511WC1611WC1711WC1811WC1911WC2011WC12

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MEASUREMENTS ARE FROM THE WIDEST WIDTH.  SIZE IS LISTED AS WIDTH X LENGTH. All jewelry sizes are approximate figures and may vary a bit.

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