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Our Teen Jewelry catalog contains beautiful necklaces appropriate for dress up and casual wear. Included are angels, hearts, smiley faces, arrow heads, dolphins, superman charms with chains, crosses, USA flag jewelry and the must have Tiffany necklace and bracelet sets. We also feature Christian jewelry with our crosses.   Click this icon for  FAQ's and Customer Service.
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GIRLS NECKLACES, TEEN NECKLACES  Scroll down to see all the selections

These colorful trendy teen necklaces are 5 layers of necklaces as shown on the right lavender necklace. The necklace is adjustable from 15 to about 16 inch. These fun fashion necklaces are perfect for Sunday dinner or with jeans or a bikini on the beach. The transluscent circles mixed with irridescent seed beads makes for a very nice looking necklace that is sure to make you sparkle.
$5 each. Click picture of necklace to order.

JewelryVilla Girls Teen Necklaces
JewelryVilla Girls Teen Necklaces

The Sandal Necklaces come with snake chains and earings. A sample pair of earrings is shown on the blue necklace - earring set below.  These teen necklaces are adjustable from 15 to 18 inch. The sandle necklaces with matching earrings are priced at
$5.00 each. Click the picture of the necklace  to order.

JewelryVilla teen necklaces, Sandal necklaces with earrings

The Ceramic Necklaces with a bead chain are priced at $4 each. The Love necklace, skates, sunflower, mushrooms, frog, balloons, rainbow and I Love you are great necklaces for casual wear.
Click on the necklace to order.  $4

Best friends ying yang necklaces. One for you and one for your friend. 16 inches.
$6.50 each

JewelryVilla Yin-Yang necklace, Best friends necklace

The following necklace including heart, Teddy bears, Tiffany style and Girl Power are $4 each.
Click the necklace to order.

JewelryVilla teen necklaces, Heart necklaces $4 each JewelryVilla teen necklaces, Teddy Bear necklaces
JewelryVilla teen necklaces
JewelryVilla teen necklaces, Heart necklaces

The beautiful peacock ($6) is metal. The peacock necklace is very colorful and has a long chain. The wood heart is earth friendly and is adjustable in length. The butterflys are on clear cords and priced at $4 each.  Click on the necklace to order.

JewelryVilla teen necklaces, Teen necklaces
JewelryVilla Butterfly necklace

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Measurements are listed width x length. Measurements are taken at the widest and longest section of the jewelry. Measurement includes bale or bezel unless otherwise specified.

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